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Love Our World Series
Age 4-6

What about the Plastic in the Sea?

"It washes ashore and it sinks to the floor, and still more and more there is plastic galore. The turtles can’t break through it, the dolphins try to chew it."

What about the Orangutans trees?

"Imagine there is a place without any sort of space. The sky looks so green, the trees are a sunscreen."

What about the Air we Breathe?

"Nature is what made me, the trees my birthplace. So please can you protect me, so I can protect you to."

What about my Recycling bin?

"My monster’s very clever it taught me something new, I learned how to RECYCLE something we all should really do."

Great Trees Series
Age 3-5

Can you see the Oak tree?

"It was there when you were small and much longer before, so old and wise a friend for all time."

Can you see the Apple tree?

"In summer it blossoms, beautiful and pink, a smell that is sweet, the bees have a drink."

Can you see the Coconut tree?

"On an island in the sea look for the Coconut tree. You might find an 'X' and a secret it protects."

Can you see the Christmas tree?

"Like a triangle it stands, beautiful and grand. So big and bright with candy cane delights."